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October 1973

The shul was founded. It was originally called Congregation Shalom. Services were held in peoples homes and then in a rented apartment.

Spring 1976

Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in New York offered financial assistance in exchange for  having one of their ordained students as shul Rabbi.


Shul's 25th anniversary and mortgage burning.

April 1st 1974

The shul became Young Israel of Greater Buffalo

Summer 1979

Shul moved from the apartment to the newly constructed building at 105 Maple Road due to continued growth.

October 2023

50 year anniversary!

Shul's Rabbis, Rebbetzins, and Presidents
Listed Sequentially

Rabbi Kalman z’l and Rifke Winter

Rabbi Yirmiyohu and Malka Kaganoff

Rabbi Naftali and Rachel Bernstein

Rabbi Dovid and Rivka z’l Plaut

Rabbi Yirmiya and Miriam Milevsky

Rabbi Moshe and Nechama Taub

Rabbi Jonathan and Lisa Fruchter*

Rabbi Eliezer and Baila Marcus

Rabbi Avi and Devorah Tova Okin


Judge Avi Weisberger, Initial Shul         Chairman and Primary Coordinator

Michael Paskowitz, Esq.

Dr. David E. Maslow

Norman (Meir) Bedziner z’l

Arthur Gellman, Esq.

Dr. Michael Cowen

Michael Paskowitz, Esq.

Richard Berger, Esq.

Michael Paskowitz, Esq.

Richard Berger, Esq.

Robert Gluck

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