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Moving Truck

Shul Phone Number: 716-634-0212
Shul Address: 105 Maple Road

Thinking of Moving to Buffalo?

"There are so many opportunities to get involved in the shul and community. Anytime there has been something I have wanted to get invovled it has been possible."

G.S. / 20s / Lived in Buffalo for 24 years

"Williamsville is a safe and wonderful place to live, work, raise children and be an important part of the community. Moving here from New York City, we have been blessed with good friends who have become great family, great professions without dreadful commutes, and a supportive Young Israel community. Here, each individual is highly valued, and Jewish community involvement in our Shul, out Mikvah, our schools, and places of learning is supported and strongly encouraged."

F. P. + M. P. / Lived in Buffalo for 40+ years.

Benefits of Living in Buffalo

• Affordable Housing

• Cool Summers

• Ample Greenspace and year round outdoor adventures

• A variety of arts and culture

• Among Safest Neighborhoods in US

• Near Rochester, Toronto, Cleveland

Perks of living in an Out-of-Town community

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