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Things to do in Buffalo!

Tourist Attractions

Kever of R' Eliyahu Yosef Rabinowitz (אליהו יוסף ב"ר גדליה אהרן)

Ahavas Shalom Jefferson Shul Cemetery

645 Pine Ridge Heritage Blvd., Buffalo, NY 14225

Ohel is along the road.

Ohel combination is on door in Hebrew

R' Rabinowits, known as the Linits-Sakalivka Rebbe, emigrated from Ukraine and arrived to the United States in 1899, initially settling on the Lower East Side of New York City. In 1908 he moved to Buffalo, the eigth largest city at the time and home to many Jewish families from Sakalivka. The Rebbe headed the Pine Street synagogue congretation until his death in November 15, 1910 (Cheshvan 13), and became the first Admor to be buried in America. The Rebbe was the brother-in-law and chavrusa (a study partner) of the renowned Rebbe Mordechai Dov Twersky of Hornostaipol. The Buffalo Kollel, opened in 2019, is named in Rebbe's honor.

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